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Philips Magnavox Web TV say's `Welcome to the internet!´Have you or a member of your family discovered the wonders of the World Wide Web at school or work and now know that that access to the internet is not just a fad ,but is quickly becoming a necessity .Or maybe you´d just like a second computer around the house,so kids can do homework while your busy surfing the web or emailing Nephew Steve.Great Idea,Sure it is,until you check out the prices in the computer store and immediately go into sticker shock.Wouldn't it be nice to discover that there is an inexpensive alternative.Well look no further,because Philips Magnavox has the perfect solution which will literally deliver the knowledge of the world into the comfort and privacy of your family's living room.

Yes Philips Magnavox WEb TV is a simple inexpensive alternative to the high cost and technical nightmares often associated with a home computer.Now you can Quickly and easily transforms your own TV set into a powerful Inter active tool connected directly to the internet by way of a standard telephone jack.

Seniors, if you can pop a bag of popcorn in the microwave,Philips Magnavox Web TV will have you emailing your congressman friends or family in minutes! Students need help with that tricky homework assignment? Philips Magnavox Web TV brings it to your finger tips! for a tiny fraction of the cost of a home computer,Philips Magnavox Web TV will allow you to view priceless paintings of the Louvre in Paris,ride along with crew of the Space Shuttle.See deep space brought to you by the Hubble telescope,scan the libraries of countless Universities,read newspapers and magazines from around the world,or even map out your next trip to grandma's house,directly to her doorstep.You will be able to send and receive email, go shopping for anything,help your son or daughter with their homework,find that special recipe for pumpkin pie.No mater what your interest or educational background a universe of information is waiting there for you to discover .Pay bills,do banking,track that investment or even take a virtual tour of Colonial Williamsburg right from that recliner.Yes, Philips Magnavox Web TV brings this and much,much more into your home,all at an affordable price.

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