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J&B Web Tv and computers

The Way To Surf The W W W

Access the internet without a computer.All you need is a Phillips Magnavox unit Hooked to your T.V.! Easy to hook up fun and and simple to use. Surf the net send E-mail even print out copy.

Free up that computer for what it was intended real work.

Surf the net the modern way on the big screen,the whole family can join in.

Now Only $99

Printer&Adaptor also available not needed with plus unit

Hewlett-Packard model 697c printer $149.95 Catalog Item Display Order here secure on line Printer adaptor $79.

--On Sale Classic with keyboard $120--

Order here also factory repack with keyboard only $100!

Available Web Tv Plus $199

The difference between Classic and Plus

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J&B Web Tv and Computer


United States

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